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"But I never liked doing things systematically. Not even my Ph.D. research was done systematically. It was done in a random, haphazard fashion. The more I got on, the more I felt that, really, one can find something only in that way—in the same way in which, say, a dog runs through a field."
W.G.Sebald, from an interview with Joseph Cuomo (2001)

My chosen field, or at least the one I found myself working in from 2002 to the present day, is elearning, and the thing which has interested me most in this field, and whose scent I have been most attracted to, is the elearner's experience of emotion, and how this might differ from the experience of emotion in other fields. This blog is where I allow the random, haphazard pattern of my tracks through the field to become visible, and because it will be a place for me to try out ideas, I may not always be willing or able to provide links to references and hyperlinks.